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New Pollution Data

14 Jan 2020

Please click on the link to see the new pollution data - Correlation of NO2 Particulates. This document can be found under the Library heading - Techn...

A35 Main Street in Chideock breaches air pollution limits says Friends of the Earth

1 Mar 2019

Lunchtime on Friday 29 June stuck in Traffric on bridport bypass,why broken down vehicle the centre of Chideock queues westbound

30 Jun 2018

What will it take? asks the Bridport News

21 Jun 2018

Yet another accident causes chaos around Chideock and closes the A35 for 6 hours - read the Bridport News article here

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The Chideock Bypass Working Group

This group has been created to highlight the ever increasing problem of the traffic running through Chideock. Our primary concern is for the historic village of Chideock but we are not just thinking about us. We also realise the inconvenience and cost it causes to the people driving through Chideock and to the local and therefore national economy.

Chideock, Dorset is situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with many listed buildings dating back to the 16th Century. Golden Cap is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Jurassic Coast brings in an extra 1 million tourists. We are extremely proud of our village and the beauty that surrounds it. All of this drives tourism to the area and income for the local population.

This problem has been debated for decades and in fact a bypass was given the go ahead in 1996 until it was cancelled. The traffic since then has increased 58%

We are not NIMBYs, we are genuinely concerned for our village inhabitants, the precious listed buildings and tourism that brings in £550m to the Dorset economy and employs 20,000 people locally (2007 figure).

All we want is to be heard and work with the necessary organisations that are physically able to make a difference.

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Tourist Petition for a Bypass has reached:


People to Lobby

Our MP wants a “clear consensus” for him to take any proposal forward, so please email: The Rt. Hon. Sir Oliver Letwin at - oliver.letwin.mp@parliament.uk


And let these key players know how you feel:


Highways England CEO Jim O'Sullivan - CCC_HLC_Central@highwaysengland.co.uk


Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling - pocorrespondence@dft.gsi.gov.uk


Please also consider contacting the other local government elected councillors and asking them to pledge their support for a by-pass for Chideock:


Dorset County Councils - Cllr. Daryl Turner - D.W.Turner@dorsetcc.gov.uk

West Dorset DC - Cllr. Simon Christopher - cllrs.christopher@westdorset-dc.gov.uk Chideock Parish Council - Chideock@dorset-aptc.gov.uk